What type of yoga you teach?

I teach mainly classical Hatha yoga.  We can also learn Raja yoga and Vedanta.

What is yoga?

Yoga is a spiritual practice.  The word itself means union and refers to the union between individuality and universality. There are many ways a yogi/yogini can achieve this union. The great practitioners, saints and sages suggest that a regular yoga practice is the quickest and safest method of achieving this union.

What is Hathayoga?

Hatha yoga is the physical practice of Raja yoga. This practice promotes the union of the mind and body and helps one to experience harmonious physical and mental health. Some of the highest benefits of Hatha yoga includes reduced stress levels, developed concentration and a feeling of being in the present moment. An individual who practices Hatha yoga on a daily basis can enjoy and expect true happiness.

Is Hathayoga different from other type of yoga? (For example: BKS Iyengar yoga, Ashtanga yoga or Kripalu yoga)

There are some differences in approach to the practice.  There are many different names that often lend themselves to the practice of hathayoga . Really, all of these styles are practicing hathayoga with slight variations, for example the use of blocks and straps or heated rooms and flowing sequences of postures. Classical Hatha however does not make uses of any instruments other that a yoga mat. Classical Hathayoga combines a few postures while emphasizing the practice of relaxation in between postures and a longer relaxation period ( called Yoga Nidra) at the end of a practice. Classical Hathayoga follows the regimen out lined and practiced by the Himalayan saints .

What do I need to bring?

Wear loose, comfortable clothing and have a yoga mat. Try to be at least 5 minute before the class begins.

How long will it take to learn?

Learning the postures will come relatively quickly and easily however a regular practice is always recommended.

How often I need to practice?

Practicing every day is the best recommendation. An hour in length is good amount of time for a practice. A little bit every day will yield better results than a long practice once a week. Our Ashram will have classes twice a day and two hours long practice. it helps you to learn and build your own practice.

What are the preparations I should take before class?

Avoid heavy meals before practicing yoga and also avoid hunger. Good personal hygiene in the form of a clean body and clothing is also recommended.

Who can do Classical hathayoga?

Everyone can enjoy the practice regardless of age, size, and sex. Always practice according to your personal capacity and respect your personal physical limitations. I suggest that yoga practice should not be"crazy" or "lazy”

What if I have a physical condition or health problem?

It is always recommended to inform the teacher of any physical concern. If you have a heart or spinal problem, ask your teacher which class would be the best fit.

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