Vedanta course

This one month course of Vedanta will help you to learn the basic of non-dualistic theory and its practical application. We will look at vedanta theories according to the great saint Acharya Sankara and consider other Vedantic teaching also .


* This course is a great support for those who wanted to do Vedantic meditation. (Nidhidhyasadna).

* The main topics of our course are- quebac

* Brahman (the higher conciseness or higher awareness)

* Atman (the localized higher consciousness)

* Maya (Illusion or ignorance)

* Karma (action as a web which caught us in illusion)

You don't have to register for this course. But, you need to book your space. JuneJuly and August months are dedicated for this courses.


Indian Rs. 1500.00 per day.